Our Services

We provide advanced, state-of-the-art chiropractic manipulative therapy utilizing a combination of traditional chiropractic treatment techniques and new, more comfortable,safer, and effective techniques. We specialize in the diagnosis,treatment, and management of musculoskeletal disorders related to the spine and extremities.
Services Include but not Limited to:
* Manipulative Techniques, including Non-Force & Activator
* Myofascial Release Therapy & Soft Tissue Release Techniques
* Trigger Point & Active Release Therapy
* Graston (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization)
* Faktr PM (Functional And Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation)
* Trigenics (combining simultaneous muscle therapy with resistance)
* Physical Therapy Modalities & Rehabilitative Exercise Programs
* Kinesio Taping & Athletic Taping
* Comprehensive Case History & Examination Procedures
* Radiological Analysis & Interpretation
* Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, & Dry Needling (click tab in dashboard)
* Nutritional & Wellness Counseling
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