Who We Are

Dr. Bernabeu & Dr. Simonetti
provide specialized chiropractic care to a wide variety of patients for the analysis and treatment of
musculoskeletal conditions and other
related health problems. Our doctors are passionate about the care of their patients and continually strive to find innovative cutting edge treatment techniques to better service their patients' healthcare needs. They believe in empowering the patient with a level of understanding of their case so they become an integral and active participant in their health and wellness program.

What Is a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are well-knowledgeable in all aspects of health care, have broad diagnostic skills, and are well-trained in the application of their treatment options. Chiropractors may assess patients through clinical examination, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and other diagnostic testing procedures to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate. The primary therapeutic procedure performed by chiropractors is the adjustment or spinal manipulation. The adjustment restores mobility to a joint by manually applying a controlled force in a specific range of motion to re-establish normal joint mechanics. The effects are the reduction of muscle spasm and the alleviation of pain. There are many types of adjustments that can be performed, depending on the individual needs of the patient.